Further Growth in 2023 Stable Flight Operations

Challenging Times

Stable operations with further growth in 2023

“Over the vacation travel period, we saw strong growth in passenger numbers of up to nearly 20 percent compared with last year’s summer season. All in all, we can say that our operations during the summer vacation period were stable. This shows that the numerous measures we have taken have been effective, and the intensive preparations with all partners at the airport have paid off. Nevertheless, the situation will remain a challenge for the next few months.”

Dr. Stefan Schulte, CEO of Fraport AG



Frankfurt Airport expects double-digit growth in passenger traffic in fully year 2023

Result summer operation 2023


Fraport is making targeted preparations for the imminent summer peak in particular

To ensure stable operations as passenger traffic grows, Fraport is working in close cooperation with all of its process partners to make the best use of the available resources. Fraport has an extensive set of measures to achieve this. The main priority is to further optimize processes at check-in, at security checkpoints, and in aircraft and baggage handling. The recruitment and especially the rapid training of staff continue to be a focus.

Frankfurt Airport fared well in the Easter and summer peak, which was the first endurance test of the year. During the summer vacation period, Fraport saw up to 200,000 passengers a day

Passagiere für 2023 6.0E7
(~) passengers are expected to see in full year 2023. This is between 80 and 90 percent of the figure for 2019.
Fluggäste innerhalb der Osterferien (Hessen) 8600000.0
passengers used Frankfurt Airport during the summer vacation period in 2023.

(+) passengers a day were recorded on the first weekend of the summer vacation period.

Passagiere an Spitzentagen im Sommer 200000.0
passengers used FRA on peak days in the summer.
15 to 25%

(+) of Passenger growth at Frankfurt Airport represents a considerable increase compared with last year’s summer season.

Growth in passenger traffic will remain at an extremely high level in 2023. With the pandemic subsiding, passenger numbers have recovered to between 10 and 20 percent of the pre-crisis volume in 2019.

Capacity and Punctuality

Because of its central location and excellent connectivity, punctuality at Frankfurt Airport is particularly susceptible to external influences. All partners at FRA are working in close cooperation with the common goal of ensuring stable and smooth operations.

“Through the use of digital technology and its continuous enhancement, we can offer our guests a great journey that begins at the airport. Since this summer, for example, passengers have been able to take advantage of 42 new baggage drop-off machines and 21 new check-in desks, which enable check-in regardless of desk opening hours. New CT scanners speed up and simplify security checks.”

Dr. Pierre Dominique Prümm, Member of the Executive Board and Executive Director Aviation and Infrastructure at Fraport AG


Gradual increase in declared hourly movement rate

Increase in declared hourly movement rate (german)
Increase in declared hourly movement rate (german)


By gradually raising the declared number of aircraft movements per hour, the system load can be increased in a controlled and coordinated manner.

Declared hourly movement rates define the available number of take-offs and landings every hour. These figures allow the Flight Scheduling Coordinator of the Federal Republic of Germany to assign slots for take-offs and landings. The declared hourly movement rates are determined on the basis of the capacity that is technically available:

  • What capacity is available from the existing infrastructure (runway system, taxiways, terminal infrastructure, approach and departure routes) while ensuring smooth and orderly flight operations?
  • The higher the declared rate is, the more aircraft movements are possible.  

The current rate of potential aircraft movements per hour is 104, while the actual number of available slots is currently 96. The strong growth in traffic after the coronavirus crisis has presented considerable challenges for the entire airport system and many process partners. Fraport responded by reducing the available capacity for aircraft movements starting from summer 2022.      

This year, FRA again expects to see strong traffic growth and corresponding operational challenges. In response, Fraport applied to the responsible transport ministry for a time-limited reduction in the available capacity until October.  With this reduction having been approved, the declared hourly movement rate (also known as the target capacity) was 94 potential take-offs and landings until June, 96 in July, 98 in August, and 100 in September.  The declared hourly movement rate of 104 will be usable in full again starting from this October.

This move establishes a buffer against negative external influences and relieves the burden on the overall airport system. The aim is to prevent short-term reductions or flight cancellations and ensure safe, orderly and stable operations with the appropriate level of quality. The gradual increase in small steps provides the necessary moderate buffer in the event of external influences, such as congested airspace, strikes or extreme weather, leading to further disruption to the overall airport system that could otherwise result in a massive loss in quality.

Flugbewegungen am Flughafen Frankfurt 96.0
aircraft movements per hour in July.
Flugbewegungen am Flughafen Frankfurt 98.0
aircraft movements per hour in August.
Flugbewegungen am Flughafen Frankfurt 100.0
aircraft movements per hour in September.
Flugbewegungen am Flughafen Frankfurt 104.0
aircraft movements per hour in October (pre-crisis level).

A quicker and more comfortable passenger journey

Fraport uses digital technology and automated processes to make travel quicker and more comfortable

Fraport is working hard in various areas to ensure a safe, quick and more stable travel experience this year:

Significant improvements at security checkpoints thanks to new CT scanners:  

Now liquids and electronic devices can stay in passengers’ hand luggage. Seven of the around 160 checkpoints are already equipped with the new CT technology. The gradual rollout will continue, with 40 CT scanners set to be in use at FRA by the spring of 2024.  

The capacity of lanes with CT scanners is around 30 percent higher than that of security lanes without this technology. Capacity can therefore be increased significantly in the future.

However, passengers can still carry only liquids of up to 100  ml in their hand luggage and are required to place it in a transparent, resealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of one liter.  

FRA SmartWay – a new passenger service for facilitating security controls

Fraport is delivering a more relaxed travel experience for passengers by allowing them to pre-book an individual time slot at the security checkpoint. This helps them to plan their arrival at the checkpoint and complete the process more quickly.  

State-of-the-art check-in desks ensure quick and easy travel processes:    

Fraport is continually expanding the digital technology and automated processes it uses throughout Frankfurt Airport. Biometric methods will make the entire passenger journey quicker and more comfortable in the future.  

New counters have been installed for Lufthansa Group passengers in Halls A and B of Terminal 1. The new counters, which can be used as traditional check-in desks or automated bag drops, are already fitted with biometric technology.  

Travel guide

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Personnel Recruiting and Qualification

Professional development: your next career step?

“We offer people an attractive workplace at fair, collectively bargained conditions. We are currently doing all we can to deliver the best possible training for new Ground Handling employees as quickly as possible. Frankfurt Airport is the gateway to the world, and we intend to return to setting standards for our passengers together with our dedicated team.”

Julia Kranenberg, Member of the Executive Board and Executive Director Labor Relations at Fraport AG


Gute Reise! We make it happen.

The performance of the airport team

Frankfurt Airport is and remains a fascinating place to work. It is Germany’s gateway to the world and brings the world to our region. As a workplace, it is almost unique in terms of the diversity of its people and the areas of activity.

However, the skills shortage is also making its presence felt at the airport and at Fraport AG. This is primarily due to demographic developments and the constraints of the German labor market, with this situation having been exacerbated further by the coronavirus pandemic.

We are also feeling the strain at the airport. Applicants have an extensive range of available jobs to choose from.

In addition to new employees for the apron, we are looking for employees in various areas of activity and with different requirements and conditions, such as the medical and rescue services, IT, and various technical professions.

The requirement profiles of the people we are looking for are similarly varied.

new appointments in 2022.
new appointments in the first half of 2023.

from outside Germany

permanent + temporary employees in ground handling (Fraport AG & FraGround).

The challenges are considerable, but we aim to meet them together with our partners. To help us achieve this, we have intensified our personnel recruitment measures even further.

What this meant in detail for the 2023 summer peak and beyond

Recruiting: The Fraport subsidiary FraGround has been making new appointments again since summer 2021. Recruiting activities take place across various channels.

Increase in qualification and training capacity: More qualifications are being offered than ever before (training hours in 2023 more than 70 percent higher than in 2019). This upward trend is being facilitated by a continuous expansion in training capacity. We are also completely realigning our training organization and working with new methods (train the trainer, language-sensitive occupational training for the transfer of knowledge to people with limited German skills, VR training, new e-learning, etc.).

Personnel redeployment: Employees are reassigned to other areas where demand is greater. This can be easily implemented in baggage and aircraft handling or driving activities, for example.

Cross-qualification: Employees are given flexible training in other activities so that they can provide support in areas where there is current demand. For example, baggage handlers are additionally qualified as cargo transportation drivers.

Personnel assignment: Personnel assignment has become more efficient thanks to workforce expansion and updated software (such as a new planning tool). 

Adjustments to work schedules and personnel availability: Fraport is making use of the available scope under the contractual conditions and the provisions of employment law, e.g. extended working time. 

IT support and other planning processes: New IT features for personnel assignment, intensified cooperation with the IT department

More efficient driver training: Fraport offers driver training across two days. Since mid-March 2023, the first day of training has involved theory training and the theory test, while the second day includes practical training and the practical test. Where necessary, a repeat test can take place on the second day. This change means employees can be deployed more quickly after they have completed the training.

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