Digital Transformation

What is the Digital Factory?

The Digital Factory is a virtual organizational unit within Fraport comprising digitalization and technical specialists. It was established as an internal solution partner to support Fraport business units with a specific task or problem.

Over a three-month project phase, a Digital Factory team develops a – usually digital or technical – solution to the problem in the form of an operational minimum viable product (MVP).

The strategic objective behind this is to further increase the level of digital maturity within the Fraport Group and to drive forward digital transformation along our customer processes.

Colleagues from other business units can get involved in the projects as temporary virtual team members in order to ensure the transfer of experience and methods within the organization and Group.

One aim of the Digital Factory is to identify market innovations early on and facilitate the implementation of compelling digital solutions for Fraport.

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Collaboration with the Plug and Play Tech Center

Our partnership with the Plug and Play platform makes us part of a global ecosystem. We have already benefited from the innovative ideas of this international network in numerous projects.

Within the framework of this partnership, which was launched back in September 2020, our company can access a global network of more than 50,000 technology enterprises and startups and so instantly generate potential solutions.

Local partnerships

We are well connected at local level, too, and rely on close collaboration and strong partnerships. Our local partners include House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) GmbHHouse of Digital TransformationHessen Trade & Invest GmbH, and the Plattform for Innovation in Germany (PFID).

Claus Grunow, VP Corporate Strategy and Digitalization

“Digital transformation lives and breathes from the sharing of knowledge and from strong partnerships. Do you have a vision of what the airport of the future might be like? If so, we can’t wait to hear from you!”
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Digitalization is part of the corporate strategy

DAISY: our Digitalization And Innovation StrategY

For us, digitalization is about increasing our level of digital maturity across the board and with success that can be measured. This is why we deploy innovative and digital solutions and technologies with a view to optimizing the service we provide for our customers and employees.

Thanks to creative and digital solutions, we are starting right now on shaping the future world of travel. By increasing the overall level of digitalization within the Fraport Group we will also enhance our competitiveness.


Our four core objectives:

- Cut costs
- Leverage additional sales potential
- Further improve the customer experience
- Establish innovative operations and working methods

Dr. Stefan Schulte, Vorsitzender des Vorstands der Fraport AG


Dr. Stefan Schulte, Chairman of the Executive Board of Fraport AG

Our focus is on four customer-centric core processes:

Passenger handling, flight operations, freight processes, and infrastructure.

Fraport focuses on specific fields of activity within these four processes in order to

- analyze the process from a customer-centric perspective;
- optimize the value chain; and
- make the process faster and more adaptable.

In addition to technological progress, knowledge transfer is also vital:

Fraport employs new operations and working methods to drive forward the Group as a whole.

Overview of projects – the path toward digital transformation

Here we provide you with an insight into selected projects of Fraport’s Digital Factory

This is what we have achieved since the launch of the Digital Factory in 2021:

40 project launches
26 successful MVP developments
15 project roll-outs
800 solution-provider assessments
280 supplier pitches
39 collaborations with various solution providers

The “Automatic License-Plate Detection: CargoCity South” project, launched in spring 2021, was one of the first Digital Factory projects. This new technology for enabling automatic entry via Gates 31 and 32 to Frankfurt Airport’s CargoCity South takes the form of an innovative camera system that checks visitor license plates and compares them against stored data. The solution has since been implemented at other entry gates, too.

The new process was developed in collaboration with software service  Arivo.



Fraport Introduces Automatic License Plate Detection at Frankfurt Airport’s CargoCity South

Yield pricing for parking

Supply and demand govern the price – including in parking garages at Frankfurt Airport. The sixth Digital Factory project, “FRA Parking Yield Pricing,” was all about finding an automated solution for the real-time calculation of parking-garage prices on behalf of Retail and Properties.

The new solution was developed in collaboration with the providers  Kowee  and  Quinta Consulting.  



Parking & Mobility

Object tracking on the apron

The Digital Factory project team developed a solution for automatically identifying towed cargo units on the apron. Camera-based monitoring of the apron’s parking areas and AI-based analysis have resulted in much fewer empty and inspection runs, a reduced risk of delays and, in turn, substantial savings.

The new solution was developed in collaboration with  AXULUS Reply GmbH.

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