Costs for Airport ID Cards

The following (net) prices apply to the processing of applications, the issuing of Airport ID Cards, the participation in aviation security trainings, the provision of services ordered and the late return of Airport ID Cards:

Extract from the List of Service Charges (8.12, valid as from January 1, 2020)

Product Costs
Airport ID Cards   
Airport ID Card (green), processing fee 37.00€
Airport ID Card (green+L, blue), processing fee 63.00€
Airport ID Card (yellow), processing fee 63.00€
Late return of ID Card 62.00€
Quick Service surcharge 39.00€
Visitors ID Card 16.00€
Special permit visitor identity card   39.00€
Replacement Airport ID Card 16.00€
Rental fee identity  card green 10.00€
Rental fee identity  card green + L 10.00€
Rental fee identity  card yellow 10.00€
Rental fee identity card blue 10.00€
Vehicle ID Cards   
Vehicle ID Card, processing fee 41.00€
Vehicle registration plate 57.00€
Transferable Vehicle ID Card 47.00€
Late return of ID Card 62.00€
Background Check   
Fee for background check (§7 LuftSiG Aviaton Security Act)* 62.00€
Background check (§7 LuftSiG), reduced fee (stoppage)* 46.50€
Aviation security training 11.2.6 46,00€
Recognition of training certificate (duplicate) 28,00€
Safety management training 14,00€

*) This fee is set by the Aviation Security Authority.