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We are a  reliable and expert partner by virtue of our 60 years of experience in all  areas of real estate management.  

Real  Estate Services & Development – the complexity experts

Fraport Real Estate Services &  Development is an international real estate service provider specializing in  complex and special-purpose properties. We support our customers in all  operational and strategic areas and act as a reliable partner for the entire  real estate value chain.

Our 60 plus years of experience at and  around Frankfurt Airport has enabled us to develop an extensive profile of  expertise covering all areas of real estate management. We also bring this expertise  to bear successfully in other projects in Germany, Europe and beyond.



179 properties under management
1500000 leased floor space under management
600000 commercially used floor space
2.5 billion Euro asset under management
220 ha urban space converted
650 million kwh electricity supplied per year


Fraport Real Estate & Energy

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What started as "Südwestdeutsche Luftverkehr AG" is a global player in aviation today.


Don’t Miss a Match! Football Fever at Frankfurt Airport

Don’t Miss a Match! Football Fever at Frankfurt Airport



Open Pitch Day

Open Pitch Day is an opportunity for start-ups and other companies to present their technologies to Fraport AG’s Digital Factory.




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