Our Track Record

We’ll  give you an overview of our projects and demonstrate the areas of expertise we  have to offer.  


Luftaufnahmen 2017

Gateway Gardens


Site development and conversion

With Gateway Gardens, we have developed a new district in Frankfurt. We performed all the necessary steps and set up around 740,000 square meters of floor space. We acquired the space; developed a usage and urban development concept; prepared and developed the site; and finally marketed the site, which comprises 35 hectares of gross development area and 24 hectares of net development area. In the process, we generated a significant profit for our client.

Departments involved: Site Development & ConversionProject Development & Investment


Die Erfolgsgeschichte geht weiter: Erneut wurde eine Großfläche auf dem Mönchhof-Gelände erfolgreich von HVM-I verkauft.

Mönchhof Development Area


Site development

The Mönchhof Development Area used to be an old refinery site. We converted it into a commercial site comprising some 100 hectares of gross space. It is, thus, one of the largest continuous commercial zones in the Rhine-Main region that has yet to be developed. Our responsibilities for the project covered not only acquiring the site but also establishing the planning law and developing the infrastructure. We also developed a diversified usage concept and have already marketed those plots that already have full access to public services.

Departments involved: Site Development & ConversionProject Development & Investment

M-Port 3

Visualisierung der noch zu errichtenden Logistikhalle M-Port 3

M-Port³ – Mönchhof Park


Project development

This extensive logistics project development was carried out as a forward purchase deal and sold to an institutional investor. This means that the investor already buys into the property during the project development phase and pays either in installments based on construction progress (forward funding) or when construction is complete (forward purchase). Fraport acquired the 54,000-square-meter site in a joint venture and constructed the multifunctional logistics property, which can be divided up flexibly, to the latest state of the art. A gold certification pursuant to the DGNB sustainability standard is planned.

Departments involved: Site Development & ConversionProject Development & Investment


Locked-Taste auf Tastatur

Management  of locking systems



We are experts in  introducing digital locking systems for our clients. Implementation of the  central management tool for the key and locking systems is carried out on the  basis of the software solution used in the specific rental area, by linking  commercial rental data with the key system information. The key system  documentation is centralized. At present, we manage some 370,000 keys and  136,000 cylinders for external customers.

Departments  involved: Asset & Property Management, Real  Estate Consulting



Energy billing



We replace old energy billing systems with market-leading billing software for our customers. We interlink the knowledge from our Energy Management and Asset & Property Management departments to give our customers billing certainty while also saving them time and money. The system used complies with the latest requirements for energy management.

Departments involved: Energy Management, Asset & Property Management


Silberturm in der Frankfurter Innenstadt

Silver Tower/Gallileo


Asset and property management

On behalf of our customers, we handle the entire asset and property management of complex high-rise office properties such as the Silver Tower and Gallileo skyscrapers in Frankfurt. As part of this, we prepare tailor-made concepts to optimize rentals and usage, take care of all maintenance management and manage external service providers.

Departments involved: Asset & Property Management


Symbolfoto Digitalisierung




In the area of property rentals, we have introduced a robust electronic document management system that can be used by our clients. We can handle a wide variety of enterprise resource planning systems used by our customers (SAP, Drooms, DMS, Remus), centralize documents of relevance to lease agreements in SAP based on workflows, and ensure audit compliance at all times by preventing the loss of documents and opportunities for manipulation. In the course of our work, we have migrated more than 60,000 documents and reproduced over 10,000 rental agreements.

Departments involved: Real Estate Consulting, Asset & Property Management

Flugzeug auf dem Vorfeld

Das Gewinnerbild des TIC-/CEWE-Fotowettbewerbs von M. Gerlich: „LH A380 beim Schleppvorgang"

Implementation  of digital and innovative future projects


Digitalization  and innovation

The fact that our  departments work together in synergy means we are able to develop and implement  future-proof property solutions for our clients quickly and efficiently.  Whatever the project – be it the introduction of smart meter systems, the  improvement of the  CO2-footprint or the interconnection of complex  issues such as building and energy management – we are always at the cutting  edge. We are already focusing specifically on mobility hubs, automated valet parking and fast charging stations. Our customers benefit  from our knowledge.

Departments  involved: Real Estate Consulting, Site Development  & Conversion, Project Development & Investment, Asset & Property  Management, Energy Management



Airfreight hall at CargoCity South 


Project development and energy management

Using our extensive technical expertise, we first leased an airfreight hall complete with office space at CargoCity South and then custom-developed it in accordance with the user’s requirements, implementing state-of-the-art energy standards in the process. We implemented the project not only on schedule but also on budget for approximately €18 million.

Departments involved: Project Development & InvestmentAsset & Property Management, Energy Management, Rental Properties

Airport City West

Gebäude 700

Airport City West


Site development

We implemented a complex conversion project on the former premises of the TICONA GmbH chemical plant. We acquired a contaminated site and, in cooperation with public bodies, embarked on the complex process of clearing up the damage caused by contamination. We were also responsible for the zoning and planning permissions. To obtain permits from the water authorities, Fraport also successfully coordinated the extensive consultations with water rights holders and government agencies.

Departments involved: Site Development & ConversionProject Development & Investment



Residential portfolio diversification


We are also proficient in residential matters. We have demonstrated our expertise by appraising, acquiring, successfully managing and optimizing a heterogeneous residential portfolio comprising some 300 properties. We also coordinated the work of appraisers, notaries, property managers and other service providers to ensure the project implementation was successful and audit-compliant.

Departments involved: Asset & Property Management, Rental Properties


Gebäude 178

Fraport  AG headquarters


Project  development

In the case of Fraport’s  corporate headquarters, we developed an office and administrative building for  around 700 employees, including a basement garage with some 300 parking places.  The gross floor area above ground alone covers some 23,000 square meters,  including technical facilities. The building features open-plan office  structures and has obtained platinum certification by the DGNB German  Sustainable Construction Association. Valuable works of art were also  integrated. We covered the entire representation of building owner interests,  both commercially and technically, and complied with all deadlines, budgets and  quality requirements at all times. The construction costs amounted to around  €57 million.

Departments involved: Real  Estate Consulting, Project Development & Investment, Asset & Property  Management, Energy Management

Areal 16

Ausschnitt des Bauplans Areal 16

Land Area 16


Site development, marketing and project development

The complex planning law development of a green area into a high-quality core construction site in Gateway Gardens facilitated the sustainable development of the land area. Optimizing the usage and dividing Land Area 16 up into three marketable construction sites allowed us to successfully acquire prospective buyers. Innovative hotels featuring around 14,000 square meters of floor space and office premises covering some 9,000 and 6,200 square meters will be built on the three separate plots available on the site.

Departments involved: Site Development & ConversionProject Development & Investment