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We are the "Global Investments & Management" division of Fraport and responsible for all airport investment and consulting activities outside of Frankfurt.

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Holger Schaefers, Senior Executive VP Global Investments & Management

“Fraport is among the leading global airport groups, with a healthy portfolio of airports and related businesses. Being a long-term investor, operator and consultant, our actions are geared towards sustainable value creation. We perceive ourselves as a serious business partner, with a visible responsibility towards local stakeholders, economy, society, and environment.”

Our team

Our team


We are a team of highly dedicated professionals driving the international business of Fraport. A strong focus of our work lies in the strategic management of our asset portfolio, ensuring the successful development and protection of the investments. At the same time we keep our finger on the pulse, looking for new business opportunities in the market that allow us to grow our airport portfolio and consultancy business.

Our business value

Our business value


Creating value starts with the right leadership and a highly motivated organization. By exporting our transparent governance principles, combined with key values such as fair and mutually respectful treatment of employees, we have experienced precisely that: a highly motivated, loyal and committed workforce.

We further believe that knowledge and the sharing of knowledge is fundamental. Managing a culturally diverse airport portfolio for more than two decades, made us find solutions to nearly every problem that occurs during an airport’s life cycle. Through various specialist exchange workshops and development programs, we convey this knowledge and innovative solutions across our global airport network. This helps save time, money and ultimately, creates sustainable value.

Our success story

We Manage Airports For Almost 100 Years


Our journey began at the homebase, Frankfurt Airport (FRA) founded in 1924. Over the years, FRA has transformed into an international showcase, becoming synonymous with high-level expertise Made in Frankfurt. Catering to a growing demand for our know-how, we started to initiate international consulting services in the early 1970’s.

In the 1990’s we were one of the first airport companies to acquire shares in other German airports such as Saarbrücken, Hanover and Hahn. Driven by the global internationalisation trend, we acquired our first international concessions with Antalya- and Lima Airport, which are still active today.

Over time, Fraport has become a major international player in the airport industry. Our international airport portfolio stands as one of the strongest globally, and the demand for consulting services remains high around the world.

"We take great pride in our airport portfolio, the respective local organizations and staff. On a continuous basis we face challenges therein arising from traffic, infrastructure, commercial or other. As a team, we always come up with innovative solutions improving service quality and efficiency. With our strong track record and excellent international reputation, we are highly committed to continue developing our airport business."

Denitza Weismantel and Charles Weinland, Senior VP´s Global Investments & Management

"Since the 1970’s Fraport is providing consulting services around the world. Driven by our consulting core team in Frankfurt, we have access to experts both from our FRA homebase and our international airport network. This unique possibility enables us to offer tailor-made consulting and training services with an international “dream team” of experts, in selected projects around the globe."

Alexander Larisch, Vice President External Consulting

Consulting services

As industry professional and partner, Fraport offers the below consultancy with best-practice solutions to reach your goals.

Opening a new airport, terminal or a newly expanded facility, is a highly complex task. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to consider the opening preparations early in the planning process.

Our team of highly experienced airport experts can support you in planning and executing a successful opening strategy for your airport, terminal or other facility.

With our continuously refined process driven ORAT philosophy "made by Fraport", we ensure a smooth transition from your old to new facility. Our services contain anything from strategic advisory to full scale ORAT, tailored to your needs.

Please contact us and let us help you make your opening project a success story.

Impressions of our ongoing ORAT project at Lima Airport
ORAT phase at lima Airport


ORAT phase at lima Airport


ORAT phase at lima Airport


ORAT phase at lima Airport


ORAT phase at lima Airport


ORAT phase at lima Airport


ORAT phase at lima Airport


ORAT phase at lima Airport


Fraport’s strong airport competence is based on two foundations: First, the operation, management and development of Frankfurt Airport for more than 100 years. Second, the operation, management and development of our impressive international airport portfolio for more than 20 years, ranging from tourist and regional airports to international hubs.
With our track record, we do not only demonstrate that we are a culturally aware business partner with a strong airport DNA, but as a listed company, we also know how to turn your airport into a financially viable operation.
Let our experts support you in improving your airport operation to become best in class.


Airport Planning

The infrastructure of our huge airport portfolio needs constant optimization, which requires our planners to continuously find customer-oriented and cost-efficient solutions.

Take advantage of our unique know-how pool and let us support you in master planning, design- and process optimization of your airport.

Airport Strategy

Increase of revenues, reduction of cost, optimization of supply chains and services are in the permanent focus of airport managers. Which goals need to be set, and which measures should be implemented to reach them, in the short-, mid- and long term?

Benefit from our experience in the field of strategic airport development. As example, after the take-over of the Lima Airport operation, we strategically converted the airport from an O&D- to a hub airport. Let us help you develop a fitting strategy to achieve your goals.

Airport Traffic Development

Getting to know your customer is key. With our experience in managing different airport types around the world, we acquired knowledge in understanding the different drivers of traffic at each airport.

Let us help you conduct a traffic forecast based on a profound status-quo and market analysis in line with the overall airport strategy.

Commercial Airport Management

Fraport offers a wide range of commercial consulting services covering typical commercial concessions as well as airport real estate development (incl. cargo, parking, hotels etc.).

Let us support you optimize the commercial experience and overall airport city appeal at your airport.

Operational Excellence

Airport operations is the core of airport business. With our operational excellence programs, we aim to optimize the performance through the definition of key performance indicators and continuous performance monitoring and measurement in all areas – from landside, terminal to airside operations. As complementary services we offer documentation development (operational concepts, SOP’s), operational planning and cost optimization.

Let us support you to become operationally excellent.

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"If you have questions regarding our airport portfolio, or consulting services or wish to share your ideas for mutual business opportunities with us, please feel free to contact us."

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