Ljubljana Jože Pučnik International Airport

“We at Fraport Slovenia are proud to operate the capital airport of Slovenija. We are very much aware how special this airport is. It connects us, Slovenia, with the world. We are committed and passionate about playing our role as infrastructure and service provider. Traffic growth, value contribution, customer and staff satisfaction, as well as the green and digital transformation drive our decisions and actions. Our aspiration is to be the airport of choice for the region.”

Dr. Babett Stapel, CEO Fraport Slovenija, d.o.o.


Airport achievements

passengers in 2023
square meters of new terminal area since 2021
percent renewable energy
Monika Jelačič, Head of Corporate Communications

"Ljubljana Airport is competing with five airports in a radius of just 250 km. Fierce competition demands agile and innovative communication approaches. We created our own web platform to highlight attractive live flight deals from Ljubljana Airport. Extending these into online advertising within a private data management platform allows us to carefully and cost effectively target our passengers and stimulate demand."

Robert Rauch, Executive Project Leader

"Ljubljana Airport unveiled a new passenger terminal in July 2021. We doubled the terminal capacity, solved our operational bottlenecks, gained higher quality and variety of passenger services and an improved working environment. The construction work was completed on schedule and within budget, despite extremely demanding conditions. This was possible thanks to a great teamwork and project commitment."

Vekoslav Lepojić, Load Control Agent

"Serving as a charter base is exciting for our business. The growing network of holiday destinations available from Ljubljana demands agile ground handling teams that go the extra mile to ensure vacationers have a good journey, no matter the timing of the flight. Our adaptability will support the endeavours to position Ljubljana Airport as the regional gateway for charter flights, attracting passengers also from neighbouring countries."

Dominik Žnidaršič, Electrical Systems Engineer

"We are moving forward with improving our energy efficiency and integration of renewable energy sources, with the goal of reducing our carbon footprint. In 2023 we installed a second photovoltaic system on our premises, which will enable us to produce more than 20% of the airport’s total energy consumption."

Dejan Gantar, Instructor

"As well-known provider of innovative and environmentally friendly training programs, especially in the field of aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) operations, we have developed "ECO Foam Firefighting" together with Vienna Airport under the sponsorship of Erasmus+ and taken it to a new, customer-oriented training level. Furthermore, and in line with Fraport Slovenija digital and sustainable agenda and the Pipistrel development team, we were able to develop new standards in the field of electric aircraft firefighting."

Selected awards

Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 2 (Reduction, 2022)


Socially Responsible Employer (2021)


Artemida - award to women in leading management positions (Dr. Babett Stapel, CEO, 2023)


Award for best Slovenian digital projects


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Ljubljana Airport
Ljubljana Airport


Ljubljana Airport – terminal curbside


Ljubljana Airport – curbside entrance


Ljubljana Airport – check-in hall


Ljubljana Airport – gate area


Ljubljana Airport – DHL off-/on-loading operations


Ljubljana Airport – push-back operations


Ljubljana Airport – LH departure to FRA


Ljubljana Airport – airport overview


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* Note: based on leasehold agreement with Government of Slovenia


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