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We take care of all energy-related matters for our customers to give them an optimal power supply.

Be it electricity, water, heating or cooling – we take care of whatever is required for site development and operation of your property. We order and build grids and facilities, secure grid distribution for electricity and other media, and handle measurement and billing.
In a nutshell, we guarantee our customers an optimal power supply at all times.

Our service portfolio in detail:
  • Development of the full spectrum of utility services for a building site
  • Grid distribution for electricity
  • Grid distribution for water, heating and cooling
  • Measurement, recording and billing of consumption

Here you will find information on grid structure data and  the peak load time window for Frankfurt Airport as specified in the regulation  on access to electricity supply grids. This takes into account section 17 (2)  of the Electricity  Grid Access Ordinance (StromNZV)  under which the operator of an electricity distribution grid is required to  publish information relevant to the grid.


Electricity grid structure data

2021 (only available in German, PDF)

2020 (only available in German, PDF)

2019  (only available in German, PDF)

2018  (only available in German, PDF)

2017  (only available in German, PDF)


Peak load time window

2020  (only available in German, PDF)

2019  (only available in German, PDF)

2018  (only available in German, PDF)

Fraport undertakes metering point operation for customers  that it supplies with electricity.

As a result of the deregulation of metering  point operation introduced under section 21b of the German Energy Economy Law (EnWG),  connection users may arrange for metering point operation to be performed by a  third party.

This requires a metering point framework agreement between  the metering service provider and Fraport. The rates that apply to Fraport’s  metering point operation services can be found in the metering point operation  price list.


Metering point agreement

Contract (only available in German, PDF)

Appendix A  (only available in German, PDF)

Appendix B  (only available in German, PDF)

Appendix C  (only available in German, PDF)

In accordance with section 13 (3) of the Electricity Grid  Access Ordinance (StromNZV), the standard prices for surplus/shortfall  quantities must be calculated and published based on the current monthly market  price.

The following files contain the prices for calculating  surplus/shortfall quantities and the current version of the certificate for  resellers Fraport AG and Energy Air GmbH.


Surplus/shortfall  quantities

Prices September 2022 (only available in German, PDF)


Certificate for resellers

Fraport AG 2021-2023 (only available in German, PDF)

Fraport AG 2018-2021  (only available in German, PDF)

Fraport AG 2017-2018  (only available in German, PDF)

Energy Air 2018-2021  (only available in German, PDF)

Energy Air 2017-2018  (only available in German, PDF)

Our Track Record

We replace old energy billing systems with market-leading billing software for our customers. We interlink the knowledge from our Energy Management and Asset & Property Management departments to give our customers billing certainty while also saving them time and money. The system used complies with the latest requirements for energy management.

Energy billing

In the case of Fraport’s corporate headquarters, we developed an office and administrative building for around 700 employees, including a basement garage with some 300 parking places. The gross floor area above ground alone covers some 23,000 square meters, including technical facilities. The building features open-plan office structures and has obtained platinum certification by the DGNB German Sustainable Construction Association. Valuable works of art were also integrated. We covered the entire representation of building owner interests, both commercially and technically, and complied with all deadlines, budgets and quality requirements at all times. The construction costs amounted to around €57

Fraport AG headquarters

The fact that our departments work together in synergy means we are able to develop and implement future-proof property solutions for our clients quickly and efficiently. Whatever the project – be it the introduction of smart meter systems, the improvement of the CO2 footprint or the interconnection of complex issues such as building and energy management – we are always at the cutting edge. We are already focusing specifically on mobility hubs, automated valet parking and fast charging stations. Our customers benefit from our knowledge.

Implementation of digital and innovative future projects

Using our extensive technical expertise, we first leased an airfreight hall complete with office space at CargoCity South and then custom-developed it in accordance with the user’s requirements, implementing state-of-the-art energy standards in the process. We implemented the project not only on schedule but also on budget for approximately €18 million.

Airfreight hall at CargoCity South


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