Facts & Figures

Year: 2018

For the first time more than: 69.5 Mio. Passengers

  • 669.514.414 passengers traveled via Frankfurt Airport in 2018.
  • In terms of passenger volumes, Frankfurt Airport takes fourth place in Europe and ranks 14th worldwide.
  • 55.0% of all passengers transfer here.
  • The busiest day in 2018 was July 29, when 237,966 passengers passed through Frankfurt Airport.

Passengers arrive at Frankfurt Airport from all imaginable cities and countries around the globe and transfer to other planes to travel to their final destinations. This results in an efficient central hub that runs like clockwork and is surrounded by air routes like the spokes of a wheel.

Of the 69.5 million passengers, international air traffic accounted for 89% while the rest took domestic flights 55.0% of the passengers that board an A380 at Frankfurt Airport have transferred from one of between 60 and 80 other flights.

  • Berlin
  • Rome
  • New York
  • Beijing
Top 15 countries traveled to from FRA in 2018

1. USA | 2. Germany | 3. Spain incl. Canary Islands | 4. Italy | 5. United Kingdom | 6. France | 7. Austria | 8. Turkey | 9. Canada | 10. China | 11. Portugal | 12. Poland | 13. Greece 14. India | 15. Sweden

Region Passengers Percent
USA and Canada     8.6 million 12,3%
Latin America 2.9 million 4,1%
Germany 7.6 million 10,9%
Europe 37.1 million 53,0%
Africa 3.1 million 4,4%
Middle East 3.6 million 5,1%
Far East 7.1 million 10,1%

512,115 aircraft movements in 2018.

Record: 1,575 takeoffs and landings on July 26, 2018.

Airmail (2018): 90.086 tonnes

Cargo (2018): 2,213,887 tonnes

  • In 2018, a total of 2,213,887 tonnes of cargo was handled at Frankfurt Airport

  • This corresponds to the weight of about 43 blue whales per day.
  • In terms of airfreight, Frankfurt is Europe’s largest airport and among the world’s top 10.
  • 63,0% of the airfreight is carried by dedicated cargo planes; 37.8% travels as belly freight in passenger aircraft
  • The largest airfreight volume in 2018 was carried on March 24: 7,876 tonnes.
  • The Perishable Center in CargoCity North has 9,000 square meters of space for storing perishable goods such as fruit, flowers and seafood in 20 different temperature zones.
  • In 2018 Lufthansa’s Animal Lounge hosted around 2,000 horses, 15,000 pets, 80 million ornamental fish and 150 zoo animals.

Summer schedule 2019

Scheduled passenger services 

94 Airlines   |   306 Destinations   |   98 Countries

Scheduled cargo flights: 

22 Airlines

runway system.png


Northwest Runway (landings only)
  • 2,800 m long
  • 45 m wide with two 7.5-meter-wide shoulders
Center Runway
  • 4,000 m long
  • 60 m wide
South Runway
  • 4,000 m long
  • 45 m wide with two 7.5-meter-wide shoulders
  • Distance between parallel Center and South Runways (axis to axis): 518 meters
Runway 18 West (takeoffs only)
  • 4,000 m long
  • 45 m wide with two 7.5-meter-wide shoulders
With nearly 81,000 (up to date) employees, Frankfurt Airport is Germany’s largest place of employment.
  • Fraport AG employs people from 88 countries.
  • 81,000 at Frankfurt Airport
  • More than 450 companies, government agencies etc.
  • 22,706 employees of the Fraport Group at FRA
  • From 88 countries
  • More than 58,8% of employees commute up to 35 km to the airport
  • Severely handicapped persons make up 13,1% of Fraport’s workforce
  • About 31,6% of management positions are held by women

Two of the world's first electrically powered aircraft tugs are in use at Frankfurt Airport. The Kalmar TBL-800, operated by Lufthansa Leos, can tow an Airbus A380 with a takeoff weight of up to 600 tonnes.

Hydranten-Betriebs OHG (HBG) is responsible for supplying fuel to Frankfurt Airport. It is owned by oil companies and a Lufthansa subsidiary. At the airport, an underground network of pipes with a total length of 60 kilometers carries jet fuel to the individual aircraft parking positions. The average daily consumption of jet fuel is about 15 million liters.

HBG has 10 above-ground tanks with a total capacity of 186 million liters of jet fuel. This is enough to fill 74 Olympic-size swimming pools.

The tanks of a Boeing 747-400 can hold 225,000 liters and those of an Airbus A380 even have a capacity of 320,000 liters.



The computer-controlled baggage system at Frankfurt Airport ensures high-quality, extremely efficient handling. It is the vital link for making sure that outbound baggage can be loaded onto planes in time. It is globally unsurpassed in terms of capacity, size, design, performance and quality.



Fire Department

Responsible for firefighting, fire prevention, general assistance and rescue services in the event of accidents or emergencies at or near the airport. The fire department must be able to get to any location on the airfield or apron within three minutes. The roof-mounted canons of the large special fire trucks (crash tenders) used at Frankfurt Airport can propel water more than 70 meters at a rate of at least 5,300 liters a minute.

Rescue Services

Approx. 56 personnel work in three shifts at Frankfurt Airport. They have a fleet of 18 vehicles including:

8 ambulances, 2 fire trucks with telescopic ladders, 1 emergency medical service vehicle, 1 special vehicle for parking garages, 1 cross-country vehicle

The airport provides a large number of services for passengers, visitors and employees. For more information please visit  www.frankfurt-airport.com.

Shopping & Restaurants

  • The shops and food & beverage outlets in both terminals occupy a total of about 37,000 square meters.
  • There are 217 shops, food & beverage outlets and services in Terminals 1 and 2, including 20 Duty Free and Travel Value shops.
  • The shops at Frankfurt Airport are open seven days a week.
  • With floor space of about 2,000 square meters, the Duty Free shop in Pier Z (Terminal 1) is the largest retail outlet at Frankfurt Airport.
  • There is a supermarket selling a wide range of products in the Airport City Mall on the bottom level of Concourse C in Terminal 1.
  • The terminals contain a total of 71 restaurants, bars and cafés.
  • Offering a splendid view of the airfield, the 1,800-square-meter Visitors’ Terrace at Frankfurt Airport can also be used for special events such as after-work parties.
  • In 2018, some 177,000 guests were welcomed at the Visitors’ Terrace.
  • About 136,000 people went on the 5,000 airport tours that took place in 2018.
  • Various tours can be booked online for individuals, families and small groups.
  • Holiday parking: 1,959 spaces on a lot in the southwest of the airport, with free shuttle buses providing regular transfer to and from the terminals
  • A total of 15,460 public parking spaces on open-air lots and in subterranean and above-ground parking structures
  • Terminal 1: 8,990 parking spaces
  • Terminal 2: 3,340 parking spaces
  • 3.8 million vehicles parked at the airport in 2018
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