Open Pitch Day

Open Pitch Day is an opportunity for start-ups and other companies to present their technologies to Fraport AG’s Digital Factory.

The goal of the event is to scout out innovative ideas on the market in their early stages and to pave the way for these promising solutions to be used by Fraport AG.

Claus Grunow, VP Corporate Strategy and Digitalization

“Visionaries wanted! Do you have a pioneering idea about how an airport could look in the future? Something that we haven’t thought of yet. This is precisely what we are looking for: you, your ideas, technologies and business models. Register now and present us with your solution.”
The Next Round of Open Pitch Day

Deadline: June 1, 2024

After the successful initial Open Pitch Day in 2022, the event will now be held biannually. Here’s how it works: Each participant will give a ten-minute presentation of their concept, followed by feedback and questions. The goal of the pre-pitch round is to determine whether the company and its technology are a good fit for Fraport.

Participants who make it through this round will receive an invitation to one of the Open Pitch Days and can present their idea in the final selection round.

After the final assessment, the winning technologies will begin a project with Fraport AG’s Digital Factory. The winning solution will then be implemented at a Fraport Airport within three months as a minimum viable product (MVP), in order to quickly find out together whether the solution can deliver what it promises.

The Digital Factory is a virtual organizational unit comprised of digitalization and technical experts. It works to further develop digitalization at Fraport and to promote digital transformation throughout all of our customer processes.

The path toward digital transformation

Here we give you an insight into our digitalization and innovation strategy DAISY (Digitalization And Innovation StrategY) and selected projects of Fraport's Digital Factory.

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