Creditor Relations

With its financial management, Fraport AG pursues the following strategic aims:

  • Securing liquidity
  • Limitation of financial risks
  • Profitability
  • Ensuring flexibility

Detailed information on the financial management targets is available in the current Annual Report.

At the present time, Fraport is not rated by a rating agency.



Maturity Profile & Cash Position as at Dec 31, 2020.

Fraport has launched a Euro Commercial Paper Program with a volume of € 500 million. The Information Memorandum dated December 8th, 2020 is available for download:

Corporate Bonds


Fraport issued a new corporate bond. In the download area the prospectus and the separate copy of the prospectus Summary are available:

  • Prospectus
  • Pricing Notice
  • Prospectus Summary


Fraport issued a dual tranche bond. The securities prospectus and further information are available in the download area:

  • Prospectus
  • Annex 2 Agency Agreement
  • Pricing Notice
  • Separate copy of the Summary
  • Separate copy of the German Summary