Corporate Safety & Security

Fraport  AG’s Corporate Safety & Security department is responsible for the safety  and security of some 80,000 people employed at Frankfurt Airport, as well as  its visitors and the approx. 70 million passengers who pass through Frankfurt  Airport every year National laws, European regulations, and international agreements  are the basis for safety in civil aviation – both as regards safety of  operation and defense against external threats to air travel, defined as  security.

To  uphold these safety and security standards, Fraport AG maintains a  comprehensive system of procedures and measures to avert and prevent dangers  and to guarantee rapid recovery of operations after an incident.


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The Safety  & Security Control Center (SLS) is the central alert and alarm point for  all security matters.

When incidents occur, it coordinates and documents the operational actions of the Airport Fire Department, Rescue Services, Airport Security, and Emergency and Crisis Management. The SLS ensures that all internal departments involved and the management are supplied with information. It is responsible for classifying each emergency event in line with the applicable emergency plan. At the same time, it is responsible for alerting the emergency management team and responders, guiding them to the scene, and supporting all operational tasks throughout the assignment.


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Emergency  and Crisis Management is geared towards the requirements of a modern company in  an intermodal and complex transport system. These include emergencies and  serious interruptions of operations as well as external demands on the  organization. Its main task is the preventive protection of operations,  property, and people. Emergency and Crisis Management achieves this by actively  minimizing and averting hazards. Furthermore, all areas of the airport are  supported in the event of interruptions or damage. The aim is to keep the  effects on the airport transport system down to a minimum and to restore  orderly operations as soon as possible.

Frankfurt  Airport has an efficient contingency plan laid down in an Emergency  Instructions Manual. To avert crises, Fraport AG has an Emergency Response and  Information Center, including the necessary procedures and the corresponding  crisis unit organization. To ensure readiness for emergencies, various  emergency drills are regularly conducted in accordance with the legal  provisions and international directives.


  • Advice to  help airlines prepare their own emergency plans
  • Information events  and instructions for government agencies regarding the emergency facilities at  Frankfurt Airport
Medizinische Dienste


Medical  Services ensures provision of rescue services on the premises of Fraport AG and  in its immediate surroundings. Fraport’s Rescue Services team is integrated in  the public emergency services.

Medical  Services can be contacted around the clock in case of any acute medical  problems. It guarantees immediate medical care, the deployment of emergency  vehicles and ambulances and, in the event of damage, provides immediate medical  attention of passengers or employees.


  • Emergency  medical care (emergency outpatient clinic and Rescue Services)
  • Satellite  office of the Frankfurt Public Health Department
  • Emergency  physician
  • Transportation  of patients (e.g. by stretcher)
  • Training
  • First-aid  services
  • Medical  emergency management

The  Medical Services team are national and international leaders in the fields of  medical consulting and medical disaster management & training at major  airports. For drawing up contingency plans to deal with disasters, Fraport AG’s  Medical Team works closely with the Hessian Ministry of the Interior, the  Hessian Medical Association, and the Competence Center of the Frankfurt  Department of Health.


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The  Airport Fire Department has a wide range of day-to-day tasks, particularly on  the operations side.

In  addition to aircraft fire safety, these also include fire prevention for all  buildings, facilities, and areas of the airport, technical assistance, and  damage limitation in the presence of dangerous substances. Furthermore, the  Airport Fire Department is involved in preventive tasks and expertly monitors  the firefighting measures of existing buildings and installations on the  airport premises. When future construction projects are planned, fire  prevention staff advise on selection of construction materials, installation of  fire extinguishing equipment and fire alarm systems, and provision of emergency  escape routes.

The  Fire Department Training Center ensures that Airport Fire Department staff are  highly trained. It provides its high-quality training and consulting services  both throughout Germany and around the world.

Airport Security

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The Security department is responsible for fulfilling the internal security obligations of airport operators in accordance with Section 8 of the Aviation Security Act and performing the general site security tasks. Its tasks include:

  • Access controls and boarding card checks when entering operational and airside areas
  • Screening of staff and goods at the access points to the security-restricted area
  • Facility protection and stay controls on the airport premises and at the borders of the security-restricted areas
  • Documentation of accidents, damage, and other security-related incidents
  • Protection of airport areas by means of structural demarcations or personal measures
  • Responsibility for the aviation security plan
  • Verification and approval of applications for and administration of Airport ID Cards (Airport ID Card Service Center)
  • Validation, designation, and quality assurance of known consignors of airport supplies
  • Investigation service


Sarah Meyer

Head of Aviation Corporate Security
Safety & Security Control Center

Serves as the central contact point for all security-related occurrences at Frankfurt Airport, as well as for the airport fire service and the rescue services.

+49 69 690-22222