Executive Board Chairman Dr. Stefan Schulte

What does diversity mean for an airport operator?

“Where else does diversity in people’s origin and thinking occur more than at an airport? We at Fraport experience this kind of diversity day by day in our employees, customers, partners and the men and women living in the neighborhood of the airport.”
"We take advantage of their rich experience, perspectives and capacities in our daily encounters and use them as a basis for our corporate decisions. Diversity is an important success factor that enriches the corporate culture”.

Diversity Management Representative Ms. Anne Schwindling

What does Fraport's Diversity Management do?

“Embracing diversity - that is our credo at Fraport. To do justice to the importance of the subject, Fraport has created a Diversity Management headed by myself as its representative to ensure “diversity and general equal treatment”
"We are advising the Executive Board, managers and business divisions to balance and support the diversity of the employees even better and to put it to work to achieve increased economic success. Fraport tolerates no discriminations, disadvantages or harassments on the basis of the characteristics outlined in the German General Equal Treatment Act. We want to promote a working environment shaped by freedom from discrimination, equal opportunities and diversity. It is, therefore, crucial to promote a respectful interaction and cooperative behavior at the workplace."

Diversity at Fraport

Numerous studies have shown that mixed male and female management teams benefit business. Fraport therefore aims to appoint more women to executive roles. The goal is to appoint a minimum proportion of 30 percent of women to senior management roles.

The current figures show that we ended the 2021 fiscal year with 27.1 percent of women at the first and second reporting levels of the Group (at Frankfurt Airport), meaning that we have not yet achieved our target.

An extended package of measures and the new Group-wide program “Empowering Leaders” are shining a light on female employees in particular to encourage them to apply for executive roles.

Male employees and fathers in management are also being supported – if they want to take on more family responsibility, for instance.

These initiatives promote and strengthen not just diversity at Fraport AG, but our entire corporate culture.

The private lives and non-work commitments of our employees are as equally diverse as the people themselves. To enable them to reconcile lifestyle and professional life, Fraport offers a broad work-life balance spectrum of services. This encompasses childcare services, flexible working arrangements and even domestic-care advice. Since 2007, Fraport has been a member of the “Success Factor Family” network of companies that ensures that family-friendly policies will become a hallmark of German economy.

Our airport is welcoming customers and passengers from a wide variety of cultures on a daily basis. At Fraport, we therefore place great value on the intercultural competence of our staff. This is an important asset for our international business. We want to actively bring together people from diverse cultures and with different backgrounds and values in their daily work. It goes without saying that we respect and tolerate the different creeds. Passengers, visitors and employees may use  prayer rooms  and relaxation areas for reflection.

How can disabled or challenged people have the same development opportunities as other people employed at the airport? Fraport responds to this challenge by focusing on the special skills and potentials of disabled people. We have developed targeted support measures. Consequently, the proportion of employees with severe disabilities at Fraport has been considerably higher than the obligatory quota required by law. Since 2014 our company has been contributing to the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. With its "Our Way to Embracing Inclusion” action plan, Fraport AG has been building upon its already existing activities. These activities are constantly being expanded by concrete objectives and measures.


Our teams are made up of different generations. Each generation does things somewhat differently and the needs, experiences and values may vary between the age groups. Fraport promotes respect and mutual appreciation as a cooperation prerequisite, and provides special offer for each age bracket.

Nobody should be forced to hide his or her sexual identity for fear of social discrimination. An open approach and acceptance of the different sexual orientations and lifestyle concepts are part of Fraport's diversity.

Usually one is not as alone as one might think: Fraport’s networks (such as the women’s network, the LGBT network, the fathers’ network) provide a sharing platform for professional and personal experiences, serve as support for personal growth and inspire new ideas.

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