Airport Supplies: Who We Work With

Essential requirements and advantages at a glance

Legal requirements for airport supplies


Fraport must subject airport supplies from an unknown consignor to intensive screening. Any goods that cannot be screened at the access points to to the security-restricted area are accompanied by security staff who will also monitor the unloading process and make sure that no prohibited articles are being introduced into the security-restricted areas. The screenings can result in additional wait times for unknown consignors.


Known consignor of airport supplies


With the status of known consignor of airport supplies, legislation has extended the principle of the secure supply chain known in air cargo security to items that are sold, used, or provided on the airport site itself. Each company that implements and observes the legally prescribed security measures can apply to Fraport for designation as a known consignor. This is only granted after Fraport has successfully validated the requisite security measures at the premises of the applying company.


Advantages of designation


As a known consignor implements the security measures and a legally compliant security standard is therefore in place, the security staff do not have to perform checks on deliveries made by the consignor. Only the checks on persons and vehicles continue to be conducted. This procedure ensures quicker access at the checkpoints and prevents unnecessary waiting.


What you need to do if you wish to be designated as a “known consignor” by Fraport

  • You must train a security manager in accordance with Sections 11.2.5 and of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1998 (approx. €550).
  • All employees involved in the secure supply chain must be trained in accordance with Sections of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1998 (approx. €50 to €70 per person).
  • You need a background check for all employees involved in the secure supply chain (approx. €60 per person).
  • You must apply for Airport ID Cards for all employees who work at the airport (approx. €50 per person).
  • Fraport AG validates and inspects the premises.
  • You must prepare a security program in collaboration with Fraport AG.
  • Fraport AG will designate you as a “known consignor” (€300).


Duration until designation as a “known consignor”: around one to two months.