Dialog with Neighbors

As a responsible stakeholder in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region, Fraport believes it is extremely important to engage in a dialog with our neighbors.

Therefore, Fraport supplies regular information on current topics such as the operation direction, runway shutdowns or the conduction of measuring flights.

The interactive maps, FRA.Map and FRA.NoM, provide individual information on flight routes and a lot more. In addition to providing users with helpful answers and the opportunity to submit feedback and locate additional contacts, the “My Concern” section allows them to submit specific inquiries to the Community Dialog team. As a special service for local residents, Fraport also provides information on aircraft noise, noise abatement and roof securing programs, flight operations and air quality, while a glossary explains terminology that may be unclear.

The exchange of information between the airport operator and the region is an essential component of our Community Dialog. Fraport AG therefore offers a comprehensive range of information, from current conditions, interactive illustrations and individual information to detailed content focusing on the topics of noise and air.

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