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Sustainability Means Future Viability

Fundamentals of sustainability


The Fraport Group is aware of the special responsibility it has to the environment and society as a result of its business activities.

Fraport is committed to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and has adopted a decarbonization masterplan with the aim of achieving zero-carbon operations at all Group airports by 2045 at the latest.

To this end, Fraport is pursuing a holistic sustainability strategy which combines the three pillars of economics, ecology, and social affairs. Fraport measures the development of its sustainability strategy based on five sustainability action areas that encompass all of the internal and external impacts of the Group’s business. In this way, Fraport considers all aspects of sustainability - because sustainability means future viability!


Sustainability reports, environmental statements and other non-financial publications can be found under Publications

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What started as "Südwestdeutsche Luftverkehr AG" is today a global linchpin of aviation.



Fraport is committed to responsible corporate governance. This encompasses environmental issues, as well as economic, social and community aspects.



Management Systems

Fraport’s various management systems ensure responsible business processes across the Group. Fraport promotes a safe and healthy working environment at all Group companies, by applying a holistic approach to occupational health and safety. Processes are continuously enhanced and optimized on a Group-wide basis. A “safety first” principle applies for all airport operations at Frankfurt Airport and worldwide. Fraport’s environmental management organizes and monitors environmental protection throughout the Group. Fraport and its subsidiaries are committed to the sustainable handling of natural resources and the continuous improvement of the Group’s environmental performance.