Coronavirus Test Options

The results of all examinations are provided as a medical certificate by e-mail or as a download.
The services can be used only after prior online registration.

Various diagnostic procedures are offered in the Medical Center as part of medical examinations:

  • PCR standard test  
    The result is usually available in less than 24 hours (usually late evening / night) from the day of testing.

Supplementary documents (e.g. for entry, visa procedures, etc.) will only be provided if the test was performed by Medical Center staff in line with the quality guidelines.  We do not provide documentation of self-testing swabs.

The Medical Center is also available to provide advice for anyone with a positive result and to discuss the next steps together.  

The samples taken at the Medical Center  are processed solely for the intended purpose, namely detecting SARS-CoV-2.  Any other examinations are strictly subject to consent.

The following antibody tests from venous blood draws are performed at the Medical Center: IgA, IgM, IgG:

  • Antibody point-of-care diagnostics
    The final result is usually available after 6 hours (for IgM and IgG).

Blood is taken for the antibody test.  Fasting in advance is not necessary for this.

In addition to sampling, a medical consultation and an exploratory examination are essential components of the appointment. The samples taken at the Medical Center  are processed solely for the intended purpose, namely detecting SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. Any other examinations are strictly subject to consent.

The Medical Center is also offering SARS-CoV-2 lateral flow (antigen) tests using the nose-and-throat swab method, including medical consultation.

  • Test results will be available after a short wait (usually <  1  hour).
  • Please note that there is a charge for this testing service.  The Medical Center does not offer free tests sponsored by the government.
  • Cancellations are possible up to 24 hours before the appointment.
  • In the event of a cancellation, a €10 handling fee will be retained.
  • If the test persons do not show up for the examination and testing despite an existing appointment ("no show"), €50 will be retained.
  • Cancellation is only possible via the link from the confirmation e-mail.
  • Please note: Medical swabs are currently being prioritized owing to high demand. There may therefore be a delay in responding to your inquiry at this time – we ask that you refrain from making inquiries by telephone.

The costs incurred for medical consultations and laboratory testing will be charged in line with the statutory Scale of Fees for Physicians in Germany (GOÄ). Direct payment, e.g. by credit card, is required from self-payers or in the absence of a written declaration of assumption of costs.

Current prices can be found on the respective online booking portal (Tests for Travelers,  Tests for Airport Employees and the General Public,  Tests for Companies).

Appointments for Covid-Tests can only be booked with advance payment via PayPal or with a written declaration of assumption of costs. Payment by creditcard is only allowed in exceptional cases.


Online registration for travelers

Billing is based on the statutory Scale of Fees for Physicians in. Germany (GOÄ). On weekends and public holidays, a surcharge of up to €12.82 in accordance with the GOÄ is added to this amount.

Information on Appointments and Cancellations

Where appropriate, your airline will inform you about testing options in the transit zone that have been coordinated between the authorities and the relevant airlines.

A Medical Clearing Service is still available for transfer passengers in Frankfurt Airport’s transit area. Should passengers find that they need to take tests within the transit area, they can get (re)tested here in the event that their test certificates expire during their journeys. This might happen due to unforeseen developments, such as flight cancellations or last-minute changes to entry requirements.

Passengers are advised to expect waiting times (for testing and results). To reach the Medical Clearing Service in the transit area, follow the signs to Gates B20 and B22 in Terminal 1. Staff will be available on site to assist you with the testing procedure. We are available between 8 and 10 am, and 2 and 3 pm. Please note, an online appointment booking is essential.

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