Burgas- and Varna International Airports

“Our airports are a role model and a strong partner for the sustainable development of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast region. With our strong team spirit, innovative technology and unique style, we inspire the communities of the Black Sea coast to create a sustainable future and a pleasant journey for everyone.”

Dr. Frank Quante, CEO Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD


Airport achievements

passengers in 2023
destinations in 2023
roses planted in 2023
Veselina Kotavova, Project Manager to Management Board, HQ Varna and Burgas Airports

"Despite the pandemic and geopolitical challenges, we overcame uncertainty by utilizing Fraport Bulgaria’s potential effectively and working on our future. We have integrated more than 100 employees and over 30 companies into the Fit4Future Innovation Sprints and further redefined our strategy, mission, vision, and values. This resulted in business development projects with a huge impact. Collaborating with more than 20 key partners in tourism, we founded an organization with one goal: to increase tourism and traffic. The project's success mirrors our employees' optimism and confidence in their future."

Dimitar Dimitrov, Head of IT Department, HQ Varna and Burgas Airports

"We strive for customer satisfaction while maintaining operational excellence, based on data-driven transformation and with relentless support from our committed team. At the same time, we leverage knowledge exchange and expertise within the Fraport Group. This makes us confident in paving the way for innovation and new business models."

Daniela Pavlova, Deputy Director of Varna Airport

"The myAirport project involves more than 300 staff members of Fraport Bulgaria at Burgas and Varna Airports to achieve the biggest off-season staff efficiency. Besides maintenance work, all social rooms were renovated. On the landside of both airports, about 10.000 roses were planted. The rose became a distinguishable part of our staff uniforms too. With the best-ever outlook for our Bulgarian airports, we welcome everyone while remaining a role model airport with sustainable business results."

Dimitar Kostadinov, Director of Varna Airport

"We commissioned a “world-record optimization apron solution” for our main aircraft positions that provide simultaneously: (1) taxi-in/out operation for A321; (2) passenger walk-boarding; (3) electrical ground power system; (4) GSE staging area; (5) walk accessibility for our ground handling staff. This development has helped us to become a “best in class” airport regarding our carbon footprint for ground handling and service times."

Galina Petkova, Head of HR Department, HQ Varna and Burgas Airports

"Our company faces a very challenging environment for the successful and timely recruitment of seasonal staff. Our HR Team coped with the demographic crisis and the extreme competition in the tourism sector in Bulgaria to provide the required number of staff at both airports, in Varna and Burgas. In addition, we have achieved the highest return rate of employees from previous seasons in Fraport Bulgaria's history."

Selected awards

Most Innovative Employer Award (1st Place, 2021)

Airports: Burgas and Varna Airports

Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 2 Award (Reduction, 2023)

Airports: Burgas and Varna Airports

EMCC Team Global Coaching Award (1st Place, 2022)


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