Lima Jorge Chávez International Airport

“At Lima Airport Partners, our purpose is to provide a unique, simple and efficient service experience and to be an airport that promotes development for all. We work to be a space of connection between people, a place that creates experiences at the airport and beyond. We aim to be a company that transforms itself, driven by innovation and transparency, and that fosters trusting relationships to ensure sustainable management as well as high quality standards, thus promoting opportunities for the development of each of its stakeholders. We are committed to management that focuses on generating shared value and is centered on the customer. We strive to redefine processes so that they can have a positive impact on the entire airport industry.”

Juan José Salmón, CEO Lima Airport Partners S.R.L


Airport achievements

passengers in 2023
square meters of new terminal area by 2025
renewable energy
Pilar Vizcarra, Central Administration and Finance Officer

"Signing a US$ 1.25 billion financing agreement with seven international banks for the construction of the new passenger terminal marks a key milestone in the airport's expansion and reflects the banks’ confidence in our ability and experience to carry out this major project. This way, we will be able to operate first-class infrastructure, that will generate many employment and development opportunities in the country. Also, in 2022, we transferred US$ 121.41 million in payments to the Peruvian government, which represents a 58% increase versus the previous year.”

Turgay Kırçar, Central Operations Officer

"At Lima Airport Partners, we seek the safe performance of our operations and the safety of our team, passengers, airlines and airport ecosystem through the control and reduction of risks in our operation. Therefore, in compliance with carrying out a complete and thorough assessment of the impacts related to health and safety at the airport, we implemented 88 digital solutions and the SAP S/4 HANA System. These measures led to an optimization of the passenger experience and Back Office processes, as well as the automation of manual processes, along with 103 courses on occupational health and safety.”

Milagros Paredes, Central Organizational Development and Sustainability Officer

"We recognize ourselves as a company that has a great commitment to keep doing and keep learning from what makes us generate value for the organization, the passengers and the country. Our team is the engine that drives us to fulfill our purpose, so, in 2022, it grew by 23.5%, as we increased our roles as managers, analysts and operators. Also, our training activities were focused on compliance with current regulations and on operational issues, achieving 100% of the Annual Training Plan.”


Norbert Onkelbach, Central Commercial Officer

"During 2022, we had an overall increase of 46.8% in domestic and international flights and the number of domestic and international passengers increased by 52.7% and 110.2%, respectively, reinforcing our commitment to economic growth and the reactivation of tourism. By seeking to ensure positive experiences for our passengers and the co-creation of initiatives with a customer-oriented culture, the passenger satisfaction level increased to 94%. Meanwhile, our concessionaires’ overall satisfaction with Lima International Airport peaked at 93%.”

Rocío Espinoza, Reputation Manager

"We contribute to the passenger experience by creating spaces and activities that highlight our Peruvian culture and diversity, promoting the inclusion at the airport in order to reinforce our identity as a country. This way, throughout the year, we seek partnerships with artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs that best represent our brand’s attributes and align with our purpose. To name a few examples, we have an exhibition by Elliot Tupac on our International Hall, the mural on the terminal’s pedestrian entrance, our ‘Women Fly High’ mural and Independence Day activities.”


William Fullerton, Project Director for NewLIM

"In April 2023, we achieved an important milestone for Lima Airport Partners and Peru: our second runway and new control tower began operations successfully, allowing the country to become one of the main aviation gateways in South America. This new infrastructure will increase the airport’s operational capacity and guarantee greater security, with its simultaneous full use planned for January 2025 when the new terminal will open. This has been the result of hard work, effort and professionalism from many people and shows that, in Peru, megaprojects can be executed, regardless of the difficulty of the task."


Julissa Salavarria, Sustainability and Environmental Management Officer

"Our aim is to achieve sustainable development, jointly with the society and the airport ecosystem through a strong social and environmental management as well as best practices that generate positive impact. Our instruments are applied at the current terminal and in the newLIM Expansion Project, achieving a 100% compliance with environmental obligations. As a highlight, in 2022, Lima Airport's electricity came from 100% renewable sources. Also, we reached more than 13,500 beneficiaries of our neighboring localities (areas of direct influence) through 12 social initiatives - this represents a 50% increase compared to 2021.”

Sergio Ocampo, Senior Program Manager for NewLIM

"We are working steadily to deliver the new new LIM Expansion Project on schedule by January 2025 and serve passengers, both national and international, with the best travel experience. Also, the Callao Logistics Park and the new aviation fuel plant are in development. Meanwhile, the tendering process for hotels, parking and ground handling has begun while calls to bid for other services will also be launched shortly."

Selected awards

Skytrax (2020) - for world-class airport product quality and staff service standards"


ACI Green Airport Recognition (2021)


Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 1 (Mapping, 2022)


Merco’s Top 100 companies ranking in Peru:

Empresas: best corporate reputation 38/100 (2022) / Talento: best employee attraction and engagement 51/100 (2023) / ESG: best environmental, social and governance practices 37/100 (2022)

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Lima Airport


Lima Airport – terminal curbside


Lima Airport – apron contact stands

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Lima Airport – apron / terminal view at night


Lima Airport – new terminal construction


Lima Airport – new terminal construction (status: July 2023)


Lima Airport – new 2nd runway


Lima Airport – new Air Traffic Control Tower


Lima Airport, New Terminal – terminal curbside


Lima Airport, New Terminal – check-in area


Lima Airport, New Terminal – landside dwelling area


Lima Airport, New Terminal – airside market place


Lima Airport, New Airport City – overview with new terminal


Lima Airport, New Airport City – overview


Lima Airport, New Airport City – promenade (view 1)


Lima Airport, New Airport City – promenade (view 2)


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