Site Development & Conversion

We are continuously developing large areas of land, open spaces and even entire districts.

We want to ensure our  customers have the maximum possible flexibility in the future.  

On behalf of our  clients, we develop industrial and brownfield sites for the construction of new  logistics, hotel or office buildings.

Working on your behalf, we  take responsibility for the entire site development, take care of planning  legislation, negotiate development contracts, work out usage concepts and  design the infrastructure.

Gateway Gardens
Gateway Gardens

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Our Track Record

With Gateway Gardens, we have developed a new district in Frankfurt. We performed all the necessary steps and set up around 740,000 square meters of floor space. We acquired the space; developed a usage and urban development concept; prepared and developed the site; and finally marketed the site, which comprises 35 hectares of gross development area and 24 hectares of net development area. In the process, we generated a significant profit for our client.

Gateway Gardens

The Mönchhof Development Area used to be an old refinery site. We converted it into a commercial site comprising some 100 hectares of gross space. It is, thus, one of the largest continuous commercial zones in the Rhine-Main region that has yet to be developed. Our responsibilities for the project covered not only acquiring the site but also establishing the planning law and developing the infrastructure. We also developed a diversified usage concept and have already marketed those plots that already have full access to public services.

Mönchhof Development Area

We implemented a complex conversion project on the former premises of the TICONA GmbH chemical plant. We acquired a contaminated site and, in cooperation with public bodies, embarked on the complex process of clearing up the damage caused by contamination. We were also responsible for the zoning and planning permissions. To obtain permits from the water authorities, Fraport also successfully coordinated the extensive consultations with water rights holders and government agencies.

Airport City West

The complex planning law development of a green area into a high-quality core construction site in Gateway Gardens facilitated the sustainable development of the land area. Optimizing the usage and dividing Land Area 16 up into three marketable construction sites allowed us to successfully acquire prospective buyers. Innovative hotels featuring around 14,000 square meters of floor space and office premises covering some 9,000 and 6,200 square meters will be built on the three separate plots available on the site.

Land Area 16


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