About Us – the Complexity Experts

We apply our expertise to mastering every single challenge that arises in the life cycle of a property – using a passionate, customer-centric and innovative approach.

We are an international real estate service provider specializing in complex and special-purpose properties. Our comprehensive expertise draws on more than 60 years of experience at and around Frankfurt Airport. After all, the continuous expansion and operation of the airport requires a high level of technical expertise and a broad range of skills in all areas of real estate management.

Collective success through a broad service portfolio

We apply not just our knowledge but also our instinct for resolving relevant issues and problems in a targeted manner to meet the requirements and wishes of our customers. Building a partnership and successful working relationship with our clients – including investors, project developers, property developers, tenants, corporates and asset holders as well as the public sector and municipalities – is a fundamental priority of ours. We do our utmost for the success of our customers – within the team and together with everybody involved in the project.
Whatever the asset class, we are the ideal partner with the right expertise covering the entire life cycle of a property. Our portfolio of services not only comprises the acquisition, development and sale of sophisticated properties, but also asset and property management, site development, rental of multi-use properties and energy management.

Our areas of expertise – proficiency through experience

We are proficient in the issues and problems you’re facing and in finding the right solution for you. Thanks to our many years of experience in all asset classes, we have developed an extensive profile of expertise. We are experts in complexity – which makes us just the partner you need to find intelligent and sustainable solutions for even the most sophisticated of projects. We place particular emphasis on innovation and digitalization. It is our mission to boldly lead the way with fresh ideas. We apply our expertise and our instinct for trends in a focused way to benefit our customers. We can master any challenge – whenever and wherever it may occur in the life cycle of a property.



We are experts in complexity – which makes us just the right partner when you have a sophisticated real estate project. We cover the entire life cycle of a property and will accept any challenge. Our experienced team works not just hand in hand but also efficiently, sustainably and economically. Our foremost priority is the satisfaction of our customers.

We never lose sight of what’s important, even in difficult situations. Particularly in the case of complex and special-purpose properties, we draw on our lengthy and diverse profile of expertise. We have already successfully completed a broad range of projects in all asset classes. This provides the basis for our services – day after day.



Our company has more than 60 years of experience at and around Frankfurt Airport, allowing us to offer our customers comprehensive and state-of-the-art solutions to almost all property-specific and energy issues. No matter what the customer’s requirements are, be it renting, purchasing, developing or managing properties and utilities statements – we take care of everything.

We have extensive expertise in all asset classes – be it large-scale storage and logistics spaces, functional office buildings or sophisticated hotels. To achieve the objectives of your project, our specialized departments work together in teams of individually selected coworkers for your benefit. This is all part of our promise to be by your side and put all our expertise at your disposal in all phases of the property life cycle – as experienced advisors and reliable partners.



Our primary aim is to improve processes and efficiency for the benefit of our clients. From planning to property management, from the use of electronic locking systems to state-of-the-art energy management systems, digitalization offers many opportunities for simpler, more efficient and more transparent development, operation and management of properties. This makes it a service that is driven first and foremost to meet our customers’ needs.

We know exactly how to utilize the potential of digitalization to benefit you. Whatever the service area, our employees are always at the cutting edge – because we want to set all manner of things in motion going forward.



We are committed to offering our customers the most appropriate solutions to their problems. That involves questioning our own mindset and assumptions. We are convinced that innovative buildings and processes provide companies with huge opportunities – be they potential savings and efficiency gains or with a view to innovative activities of their users.

We are specialists in identifying and utilizing the relevant potential of existing properties and new buildings. You will benefit from the collaboration of our departments within interdisciplinary teams and from our energy and property expertise, which enables us to develop and manage properties that are fit for the future on your behalf.