Innohub Terminal 2


Innohub Terminal 2

Innohub T2

Innohub Terminal 2

Innohub T2

Innohub Räume

Terminal 2 *** Local Caption *** Linda Knecht, Josephine Poppe, Colin Eichenauer

The inno.hub is Fraport AG’s innovative concept for enhanced creativity. Make use of the rooms we have available to explore your ideas and develop fresh approaches.

Ideally get in touch with the team via e-mail for more information about our inno.hub. If you have any suggestions or feedback you can share your impressions and experiences of our inno.hub at

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Innohub Räume

Terminal 2 *** Local Caption *** Linda Knecht, Josephine Poppe, Colin Eichenauer


Our inno.beach room is the ideal place to let your dreams escape and formulate new ideas. The 22 m² room is designed to give our guests a holiday vibe in a workspace setting.

The room can accommodate a maximum of eight people and is equipped with two sun loungers, a DT standing table with six bar stools, a cozy corner seating area for two and a beanbag for chilling. Additional equipment and chairs can be booked for all rooms.




Our guests will feel comfortable in the FRA-inspired atmosphere of our inno.port room.

Creative minds can let their ideas roam free in the homey environment of this room, themed around Frankfurt and Frankfurt Airport.

The 22 m² room can accommodate up to eight people and is equipped with a hexagonal standing table and bar stools, a beanbag for chilling and a stylish four-seater bench like in the terminals. Additional equipment and chairs can be booked for all rooms.




Our inno.view room provides the ideal setting for a “meeting with a view”:

Creative people can let their minds wander and their ideas reach new heights as they gaze out at the beauty of the Taunus mountains in the distance.

The 22 m² room can accommodate a group of up to eight people. The equipment, which includes a DT standing table and bar stools, a comfortable seating area for four and a beanbag for chilling, is designed with networking in mind. Additional equipment and chairs can be booked for all rooms.

inno.hub 2.0 - Workshop

“Work and travel” is the inspiration behind our 22 m² room.

Creative people can give their ideas fresh impetus and drive forward shared projects in this space.

The modern yet comfortable bar stools can seat up to eight people and provide the ideal setup for an open exchange around a standing table, for example. There is also a flip chart and whiteboards to help people visualize their thoughts. Additional equipment and chairs can be booked for all rooms.




Designed with brainstorming in mind, our 40 m2 inno.brain space is one of our social rooms.

The room, which features a number of couches and a view of the apron, can accommodate up to eight people and provides just the right laid-back environment for people to develop their ideas.

The room comes equipped with a flip chart and whiteboards that are ready for people to use. This room cannot be booked individually. Additional equipment and chairs can be booked for all rooms.


“Eat to meet” is the philosophy behind our 40 m² room, which is one of two social rooms we have available.

In this social room with its relaxed living-room atmosphere, our guests can take a break from work and recharge their batteries for the next meeting.

It has space for people to chat, or to sit back and enjoy reading a book from the bookcase provided. This room cannot be booked individually. Additional equipment and chairs can be booked for all rooms.




Your project will be “ready for takeoff” after a presentation in our 86 m² inno.gate meeting room.

The room is equipped with two high tables on rollers and bar stools and a number of comfortable beanbags, and can accommodate up to 60 people.

The room is set up with a whiteboard and flip chart for people to keep a record of all their work. Additional equipment and chairs can be booked for all rooms.


Use our 45 m² room for a get-together with colleagues or business partners.

This room with its colorful, height-adjustable chairs can accommodate up to ten people and is ideally equipped for lively exchanges around the large conference room table. The flip charts, whiteboards and Samsung Flip display all come in handy for collating and presenting ideas. Additional equipment and chairs can be booked for all rooms.




“We had the wonderful opportunity to hold a workshop in the new inno.hub rooms. The participants were impressed by the fantastic spaces. You really get the impression that the inno.hub is not just another marketing tool but is designed to be a productive working environment. It was a truly fantastic experience! The new catering service from the cafeteria is superb! The participants thought the inno.hub was very inspiring and the workspaces were very well equipped. People were impressed with the large amount of materials. It was also a great experience working in the different rooms. Many thanks again for your hospitality and congratulations on your fantastic rooms.”

2019, WISAG Facility Service Holding GmbH, Digitale Transformation & Innovation

Congratulations on these fantastic rooms

“A week has already gone by since we were with you at inno.hub. We would like to thank you again for the pleasure of using your rooms. The participants had an absolutely brilliant experience! And what an absolute luxury it was to have had so many coaches. The idea of holding the press conference in the inno.hub as well really rounded off the experience. Thank you very much for the experience and for the hassle-free organization beforehand. You truly did a fantastic job and made it an outstanding event!”

2019, Science Park Kassel GmbH, Project Management Hesse Ideas | Crowdfunding

Great all-round experience complete with press conference

“The inno.hub service gave us the ideal organizational framework (rooms, equipment, food and drink) to prepare us for the challenge that lay ahead. We all agreed straight away that the inno.hub was a successful concept and was conducive to a constructive meeting. We actually didn’t get the chance to try out all the rooms with their different features. But we quickly realized that we would have liked to because the experience inspires creative thinking and brings people together on an equal footing despite the corporate hierarchy. All the participants appreciated the professional input from the Fraport coaches. The openness with which we were treated inspired us to work together and treat each other with the same openness. I hope that we will be able to arrange another professional gathering like this again in the future.”

June 2019, Federal Criminal Police Office, Z11 – Central Infrastructure Management

Creativity bringing people together

“We held a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator training course in your rooms back in January. I would like to sincerely thank you for the all-round fantastic experience! The whole event was simply wonderful – from the prior arrangements, the setup and event organization, the catering, tips and ideas to “simply” making sure we had fresh pots of coffee when we needed them. Both your rooms and your support and hospitality made an impression on our participants. They all felt very comfortable and well looked after, which made the four exhausting days fly by. Thank you so much again, and I look forward to arranging many more events with you.”

2020, The Creative Change Lab

Enabling training to really take off