Digitalization Measures in the Airport ID Service Center

Delivering a great deal more customer satisfaction

Fraport AG is working on a number of digitalization projects aimed at significantly optimizing the processes of applying for, managing and issuing airport ID cards.

The Airport ID Card Service Center (SCF) intends to move closer to achieving its digitalization and process optimization objective with the following projects:

Visitor ID cards at the click of a button:

In the future, visitor ID cards will be issued around the clock via machines located at various points around Frankfurt Airport.  Being able to obtain visitor ID cards at the click of a button will make visiting the airport more intuitive and easier to plan.

  • Register online
  • Collect your visitor ID card from a choice of several locations, at airport gates Tor 3 and Tor 112 as well as in the Airport ID Card Service Center in Terminal 1.

Scheduled completion date:    Fourth quarter of 2024

Business services at a glance – Fraport B2B portal:

Business customers can book and manage various services at Frankfurt Airport via the B2B portal.  Business partners can view and manage their agreements, for example. Work is currently underway to expand this to include airport ID cards.

Paper and e-mail are a thing of the past – digital and intuitive application process for airport ID cards:

By integrating ID card applications via the B2B portal, Fraport AG wishes to make the process of applying for airport ID cards and related services fully digital. The new system will not only guide business partners intuitively through the necessary forms and applications but also give them an overview of their currently issued ID cards and expiry dates as well as their safety-related training and background checks. In addition to application and management, Fraport AG wants to make the process of issuing ID cards more customer-friendly as well.

Scheduled completion date: agile project within the next two to three years