Fraport Issues RFP for a Sports/Multi-Functional Hall at Frankfurt Airport

Proposals to be sought to gauge interest amongst potential investors and operators – Focus on sports and cultural organizations

Fraport is to issue a request for proposals (RFP) to assess market interest in the construction of a sports/multi-functional hall on a vacant plot of land at Frankfurt Airport. The project is part of a larger urban development initiative. The plot in question is centrally located behind The Squaire parking garage, and comprises approximately 30,000 m2.

The RFP’s aim is to identify potential investors and operators who would plan, build and run the new facility – in coordination with Fraport and the City of Frankfurt, as well as government agencies, industry associations and other businesses. The goal is to create a versatile venue suitable for hosting top-class domestic and international sports competitions, as well as concerts and cultural events. 

Felix Kreutel, Head of Real Estate Management at Fraport, explains: “We initially want to establish whether there is interest amongst potential market players in developing, constructing and operating a sports and multi-functional hall. Such a venue would add another interesting element to our portfolio of offerings here at Frankfurt Airport.” 

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Christian Engel

Spokesperson for Infrastructure and Terminal 3 Project +49 69 690-30713
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