Space for Visions: Center for Creativity at Frankfurt Airport

Soft drinks, LEGO, lounge chairs: what sounds like a relaxed family vacation at the beach is actually a unique facility at Frankfurt Airport that is specifically designed to encourage creative work. Business ideas for the future are hatched in the inno.hub in Terminal 2, which is a radical departure from conventional office environments. Fraport AG specifically developed this creative lab to nurture unrestrained sharing and agile work. An ambiance of whiteboards, airport props, and Sacco bean bag chairs disrupts participants’ thought patterns, allowing them to unleash their creativity.

The facility boasts 12 differently themed rooms on total space of 430 square meters. Ranging in size from 23 square meters for small get-togethers to 85 square meters for large events with up to 150 guests, they are ideal venues for meetings, workshops, or conferences. Participants can give free rein to their project ideas while imagining that they’re lounging on the beach or in the comfort of their living room at home. The multifunctional seating intentionally gets away from typical office furniture and can be adapted to meet different requirements. The possibilities include focused work on modern barstools, networking on comfortable bean bags, or brainstorming on lounge chairs while being inspired by a spectacular view of the Taunus mountains.

All-Round Carefree Package

Besides state-of-the-art conference equipment and free Wi-Fi, all of the rooms are equipped with creative materials such as post-its, flipcharts, and whiteboards. Depending on the category, touch screens and meta-planning boards are also included. On request, guests can also put together their own service packages, which can include everything from catering to coaching on agile work methods by experienced experts and trainers.

The inno.hub is located on level 5 of Terminal 2 and open on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Plenty of parking is available in parking structure P8 adjacent to the terminal.

Additional information on the inno.hub, including an overview of available rooms and booking options, is available at

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