Whistleblower Systems

Fraport successfully operates airports around the world and provides the associated services. A key requirement is ensuring integrity in all business processes. In the case of violations of laws or internal rules and regulations, Fraport is interested in being informed of this. The aim is to identify and remedy irregularities.

Fraport provides various communication channels for reporting compliance violations. These channels are open to everyone – employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, and third parties.

At Fraport, special protection is given to whistleblowers who pass on information in good faith in order to expose irregularities. They are protected by maximum confidentiality and, whenever possible, the assurance of anonymity. Whistleblowers who have sufficient reason to believe that their information is true are protected against reprisals by Fraport.

Reports of the following violations can be submitted online via the electronic whistleblower system (the BKMS® system):

  • Corruption
  • Fraud/embezzlement/theft (property crimes)
  • Antitrust and competition crimes
  • Data protection violations
  • Human rights violations
  • Environmental crimes and risks
  • Other violations of legal provisions
  • Other serious violations of internal rules and regulations

The whistleblower system is accessible 24/7 and available in German, English, Greek, Bulgarian, and Portuguese. The certified BKMS® system absolutely guarantees anonymity for whistleblowers.

It is accessed via the Fraport AG website and the respective websites of Fraport's subsidiaries.

The ombudswoman receives reports of possible corruption and other conduct that may be criminal or damaging to the company, and examines them from a legal perspective.

As an attorney, Ms. Parsch is obliged to maintain confidentiality, including in relation to Fraport AG at the whistleblower's request. Whistleblowers can contact the ombudswoman free of charge.

phone: +49800 1230125
fax: +49800 1230126
e-Mail:  parsch@ombudsfrau-parsch.de
address: Rechtsanwältin Annette Parsch, Ombudsfrau, Q 2, 5, 68161 Mannheim

All persons who intend to report a violation or misconduct in connection with Fraport also have the option of submitting an external report to the responsible federal, state, or European Union authorities. Whistleblowers who take this way also fall under the protection of the German Whistleblower Protection Act. In Germany, whistleblowers can contact the external reporting channels of the Federal Ministry of Justice, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), and the Federal Cartel Office.