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Fraport offers a wide range of commercial consulting services customized to your needs. Our expertise covers all kinds of commercial concessions (retail, food and beverage, advertising, car rental, etc.) as well as airport real estate development (cargo city, car parking, offices, hotels, etc.). We specialize in evaluating locations, sizing and customized commercial offers tailored to fit the needs of the passenger, both for existing airports and for new terminal facilities. Based on this, we make sound recommendations for the future development and implementation of your commercial strategy.

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Nowadays, operational improvements often focus on one-off solutions or are based on short-term planning. With this approach, stakeholders at airports frequently do not realize the impact of their short-term actions on other stakeholders. However, a key element for increasing throughput and efficiency should be to optimize airport operations over the long run and by taking into account all parties involved in the processes. Fraport has been at the forefront of setting industry standards for Integrated Airport Operations for many decades. You too can benefit from our long-term experience and know-how to optimize your operational processes.

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Are you opening new airport infrastructures, such as a new terminal building, a new greenfield airport or other facilities? Are you looking for expertise to ensure a smart and streamlined operational readiness preparation, airport transfer and start of operations?

Then Fraport is your ideal partner. In the past years we have gained extensive experience in successfully implementing and managing Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) projects around the globe. Our process-driven ORAT philosophy and forward-thinking strategy enables us to shape the ideal solution for your airport infrastructure project.

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Fraport provides consulting services in the fields of Airport Master Planning, modification or re-design of airport facilities and process optimization to improve the operational efficiency of our client’s airport.

With the vast majority of our workforce being involved in the day-to-day operation, Fraport has a vast experience in the operation of airports around the world in different legal and cultural environments. In order to achieve a functional operational environment our airports are continuously optimized through careful modifications. These modifications require planning well ahead of time, and have to be based on the airport master plan to ensure that these modifications remain in line with the overall airport development strategy.

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Increase of revenues, reduction of cost, optimization of supply chains and services are permanently in the focus of our executive management. Which target is realistically achievable? Which is the best way to reach it, ensuring our growth in the near and distant future? Benefit from our experience in the field of strategic airport development. As an example, we developed Lima Airport from an O&D airport to a hub airport. Fraport offers a full scope of tailor-made strategy consulting services to achieve these objectives.

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Getting to know your customer is the baseline for any airport development. With Fraport’s experience in managing almost every type of airport - from an intercontinental hub to a regional airport - we developed profound expertise in areas such as traffic analysis and forecasting, network development, strategic airport positioning, customer analysis including survey development, passenger profiling as well as passenger clustering. The services provided by Fraport’s consulting team allow you to access this know-how along with all the related best practice processes and tools.

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