Central Purchasing and Construction Contracts

We have a wide range of requirements. The Central Purchasing, Construction Contracts team handles all airport-related matters.

Central Purchasing, Construction Contracts (ZEB) procures all goods and services for Fraport. Unlike a manufacturing company, Fraport has a diverse requirements structure ranging from office materials and IT infrastructure, terminal equipment and aircraft tugs, to construction services such as completion or maintenance of entire buildings.

Our experts at work


In 2019, we had:

  • 53,836 contracts
  • An order volume of €972 million
  • 65 employees

Our employees are experts in their merchandise categories and know the requirements as well as the respective markets. We foster partnership-based collaboration with internal customers and external consignors. Favorable purchasing terms are just one element of successful procurement.

We focus on optimization of purchasing processes, effective procurement management, and strategic market cultivation. At the same time, challenging legal conditions and adherence to Fraport’s compliance principles must be borne in mind.

Thorsten Korff

Senior Vice President Central Purchasing, Construction Contracts


Fraport AG 60547 Frankfurt am Main

Michael Speidel

Vice President Construction Contracts


Fraport AG 60547 Frankfurt am Main

Jörg Mackel

Vice President Management of Award of Contract


Fraport AG 60547 Frankfurt am Main

Alice Arnemann-Kiesow

Senior Manager Purchasing of IT, External Personnel and Marketing


Fraport AG 60547 Frankfurt am Main

Tamara Schuck

Senior Manager Purchasing of Infrastructure and Work Environment


Fraport AG 60547 Frankfurt am Main

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Luftaufnahmen 2018

Baustelle Terminal 3

Fraport Ausbau Süd GmbH is a reliable, professional partner. The main task of the wholly owned Fraport subsidiary is the construction of Terminal 3.

We assign our contracts throughout Germany and the EU. This is our way of giving SMEs an opportunity.

Fraport AG’s service providers and consignors work for one of the largest job creators in the region. As an airport operator, we are a contracting authority with special rights in the transport sector. This means that the Group is subject to the Sector Ordinance (SektVO) pursuant to Section 100 (1) of the Restriction of Competition Act (GWB) for all contracts that are above the current thresholds.

As an advocate of competition and SMEs, we make a point of complying even below these thresholds with any rules or regulations that ensure a fair tendering process for all parties. Awarding in lots also gives SMEs the opportunity to win contracts.

The following processes are applied at Fraport:

  • National tendering processes
  • EU-wide tendering processes

National tendering processes for Central Purchasing are not usually published. The number of bidders is individually determined between Purchasing and the user before the tendering documents are sent out. If you wish to be considered as one of the bidders, you can send a speculative application on our Purchasing and Contracting page.

Fraport publishes EU-wide tendering processes and national calls to tender for construction purchasing on the online platforms iTWO e-Vergabe public, the Official Journal of the EU, the Hessian Announcement Database, Subreport, and BI-Medien.

How to apply  

To participate in the tendering processes of Fraport AG, it is necessary to register for the tendering platform “iTWO e-Vergabe public” or iTWO tender (bidder tool). The free variant (START package) is sufficient for this.

During and after registration, please make sure that you link your account with the tendering platform “iTWO e-Vergabe public.” The free auxiliary program “ava.sign” is required to submit a tender. This program can be installed from the bidder tool “iTWO tender.”

We insist on reliability and motivation. How to apply to become a Fraport consignor.  

If you would like to work for us as a service provider or consignor, our main requirements are outlined below:

  • Reliability, flexibility, commitment, and motivation are essential requirements for suitable consignors.
  • For services performed on the premises, you need an Airport ID Card as well as security screening. This must be carried out beforehand.
  • Additional regulations apply to activities in the security-restricted area. In some cases, it may be necessary to obtain an apron driver’s license.

You are welcome to send a speculative application by e-mail.  
Please use the “Speculative application” document provided and send this to initiativbewerbung@fraport.de.

Note: Please note that the “Speculative application” document must be downloaded, opened, and edited in an external program (e.g. Adobe Reader). The document cannot be opened and edited in the browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox).