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Aviation and the operation of an airport impact the environment in a wide variety of ways. Fraport AG believes it has a responsibility to meet these environmental requirements.

Fraport AG’s executive board approved a Group-wide environmental policy in 2008, which obliges all Group companies to adopt a sustainable, considerate and careful approach to natural resources and the environment and continuously improve their environmental performance.

At Frankfurt Airport, we do this via eleven environmental aspects.

Our strategy for climate protection

50000 t carbon dioxide emissions until 2030
0.001 t carbon dioxide emissions until 2045

Fraport AG will significantly reduce  CO2  emissions within the Group and at Frankfurt Airport by 2030. The aim is to cut emissions to 95,000 metric tons of  CO2 per year in the Group as a whole and to 50,000 metric tons at Frankfurt Airport. Fraport’s targets for its Group airports are based on those set by the countries in which they are located. Frankfurt Airport, for instance, is taking its 2030 target from the German government’s Climate Action Plan to 2045, by which time  CO2  emissions at the airport are to be cut to zero.

Presskit "Our Strategy for Climate Protection"

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Environmental Management

If you have questions regarding Environmental Management, our environmental projects or sustainability reports.


Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide 60547 Frankfurt am Main

Neighborhood Dialogue

For questions concerning aircraft noise, noise abatement and our roof safety program.

Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide 60547 Frankfurt am Main www.fraport.de/anwohnerfragen

Wildlife Control

Contact for questions about biotope, forest and wildlife control.


Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide 60547 Frankfurt am Main

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Fraport is committed to responsible corporate governance. This encompasses environmental issues, as well as economic, social and community aspects.




Any business activity relies on the right infrastructure. At Frankfurt Airport, experts from various disciplines work together in a spirit of mutual trust to successfully bring to fruition challenging large-scale construction projects. These projects are as multifaceted as the passengers and visitors who come to the airport. Construction above and below ground, structural engineering, modernization work, and road and tunnel construction all make an important contribution to the “Gute Reise” mission statement.